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PPA Documents:

bullet05/01/05 Membership Application
bullet02/02/05 By-laws

From our Operations team:

bullet09/17/12 Oil Change and Misc Invoice 9/17/2012
bullet08/23/12 Annual Inspection Invoice 2012
bullet08/23/12 Engine Overhaul Invoice 2012
bullet08/21/12 Prop Strike Invoice 2012
bullet08/06/12 Replacement Carpet Invoice 2012
bullet07/31/12 Garmin GNC300XL refurb Invoice 2012
bullet10/13/11 Annual Inspection Invoice 2011
bullet09/10/10 Annual Inspection Invoice 2010
bullet08/03/09 Annual Inspection Invoice 2009
bullet04/11/05 Annual Inspection Invoice
bullet03/24/05 Cessna 172 Market Survey
bullet03/17/05 Annual Inspection report   
bullet03/02/05 Annual Inspection and repairs estimate
bullet03/02/05 Exhaust and Brake repair estimate
bullet02/02/05 Maintenance Note

From our Instructors:

bullet09/29/07 Safety Meeting
bullet10/07/06 Safety Meeting
bullet08/27/05 Safety Meeting
bulletInstrument Ground School

From our Secretary:

bullet09/25/10 Annual meeting minutes
bullet01/19/08 Annual meeting minutes
bullet04/19/06 Board meeting minutes
bullet01/28/06 Annual meeting minutes
bullet10/27/05 Meeting minutes
bullet07/28/05 Meeting minutes
bullet07/28/05 Schedule Analysis
bullet07/28/05 Questionnaire results
bullet02/02/05 Corporate Calendar
bullet01/27/05 Meeting minutes

From our Treasurer:

bullet09/15/12 EDM900 presentation
bullet09/15/12 Annual safety meeting minutes 2012
bullet09/25/10 Treasurer report and meeting slides
bullet03/15/08 PPA Finance analysis for new plane
bullet01/22/08 Cost analysis
bullet01/22/08 Plane compare
bullet02/04/07 ScheduleMaster member list
bullet04/19/06 Board meeting presentation
bullet01/28/06 Annual Treasurer report
bullet10/27/05 Treasurer report
bullet08/27/05 Treasurer report
bullet07/28/05 Treasurer report
bullet04/01/05 Treasurer report
bullet03/24/05 Treasurer report
bullet02/28/05 Monthly dues and hourly cost breakdown
bullet02/25/05 Treasurer report


bullet03/15/08 Replacement plane survey
bullet04/28/05 Monthly and Hourly cost proposal
bullet03/07/05 Headset Repair Invoice